Digital technologies provide new ways for banks and financial service providers to create innovative services and products and thus ensure sustained customer retention and access to new sources of revenue.

Banking is changing fundamentally. Tech corporations and FinTechs are putting the traditional business model of the banks to the test. Added to this are increased regulations, stricter security requirements, open banking through to new possibilities with innovative technologies.

At the same time there are also new opportunities. For example, using service design can help to identify new offers on the market and create a new type of customer experience. To successfully exploit such opportunities, pioneers in the market are adopting new technologies earlier, choosing these prudently and reinvesting more often and more purposefully.

Facing challenges in digitalisation

The systems and platforms of the future will transcend borders, be adaptable and tailored consistently to users. A smart modernisation strategy enhances the necessary adaptability in this respect, reduces costs and integrates existing applications and assets efficiently into the new product portfolio.

We advise you on the specific challenges facing you in digitalisation and support you by providing multidisciplinary teams and experts to help you pilot new technologies and products, design new solutions or modernise critical applications and IT architectures.


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Managing Director

bbv Germany

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Innovation workshops

From idea to business case. The innovation workshops provide a forum for us to develop business ideas with you relating to technological and methodological trend topics.

Innovation Workshops

Agile software modernisation in the publishing sector

Open, flexible and fit for the future: bbv supported mms solutions ag in modernising its publishing systems. The new and attractive solution offers customers of mms solutions a greater choice of services for modern multi-channel communication and is optimally equipped for future enhancements.

Success Story
Rolf Traber, CEO, mms solutions ag

bbv helped us to modernise our software to deliver a highly flexible system. We benefited enormously from the know-how of the different experts at bbv.

Poster on agile project management with bbv

This printable poster in PDF format contains the relevant processes, bulleted key points and important interdependencies that are especially relevant in bbv’s view for implementing agile projects. Simply pin on the wall to have all key aspects quickly at a glance always.

Data analysis with machine learning for decision-makers

Data analysis with machine learning for decision-makers

Valuable insights as a basis for sound decisions: bbv collaborated with ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz AG to develop a new, scalable and forward-looking analysis system that allows customers to filter out important trends and insights from comprehensive media evaluations using machine learning techniques.

Success Story


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