Companies in the healthcare sector can use the opportunities of digitalisation to develop new business models and thereby achieve sustained growth.

The healthcare sector is experiencing profound upheaval. An important driver is the e-health strategy of the Swiss government, according to which patient data is to be available electronically in order to deliver improvements in patient care and research. Added to this are the growing demands on doctors, hospitals, intermediaries as well as other service providers accompanied by competitive pressure, demographic change and an increasingly complex market environment.

New opportunities with digitalisation

Digitalisation creates new opportunities here to overcome these challenges. It offers significant potential in diagnostics and treatments through software automation, voice assistants and machine learning and AI, while also facilitating communication between the individual stakeholders in the market; and it offers patients added value with information and analyses via apps and portals. We support you in developing these digital solutions and business models on your path to a smart healthcare company.


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Chief Operating Officer

bbv Germany

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Certified medical product as a web solution

Certified medical product as a web solution

Visual diagnostics for mental health: bbv developed an innovative web solution for Klenico that makes mental health complaints visible and supports professionals in diagnosing illnesses precisely and adapting suitable therapies accordingly.

Success Story
Hannes Bitto, Head Product Development, Klenico AG

Thanks to bbv, we have been able to sharpen our idea more and more and in a short time develop a certified medical product that is very popular with our customers.

Smart Building Transformation with BIM Insel Group

For a modern medical infrastructure, the construction projects of the Insel Group use a «Data Quality Control Center» with BIM data hub. bbv developed the solution for highest planning reliability and data quality.

Success Story

Safe identification of physicians and therapists

HIN is considered the standard for secure communication in healthcare. bbv worked with HIN to develop a new app for secure identification of healthcare professionals and tailored it to specific customer needs.

Success Story
All the essentials at a glance.

Poster on the topic of agile software development

This printable poster in PDF format graphically illustrates the main elements and interdependencies in agile software development and scrum in an appealing way. It shows the release cycle, sprint process, the roles and tasks involved and the information flows between the acting roles.


Poster on agile project management with bbv

This printable poster in PDF format contains the relevant processes, bulleted key points and important interdependencies that are especially relevant in bbv’s view for implementing agile projects. Simply pin on the wall to have all key aspects quickly at a glance always.


Innovation workshops

From idea to business case. The innovation workshops provide a forum for us to develop business ideas with you relating to technological and methodological trend topics.

Innovation Workshops
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“An AI agent has to undergo a probationary period”
Chancen und Risiken von KI-Agenten

“An AI agent has to undergo a probationary period”

AI agents carry out their tasks largely autonomously – risk or opportunity? Cedric Klinkert, AI engineer at bbv Software Services, explains how the decisions of AI agents can be understood thanks to an “inner monologue”.

How AI agents are revolutionising our working world
Greater efficiency and automation thanks to generative AI

How AI agents are revolutionising our working world

AI agents communicate with and control apps, code or databases – partially or highly autonomously – and therefore make companies more efficient. However, a solid business case is needed.


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