When it comes to digitalisation, the telecommunications and media sector is the trailblazer. Yet it too has to continually identify and seize new opportunities in order to maintain a competitive edge.

Rising consumer expectations, new technologies and increasing complexity are the drivers of digitalisation. As a result, telecommunications and media companies are faced with the challenge of rethinking traditional offerings and developing new revenue streams and innovative business models.

Innovation is the right answer. Through intelligent use of data, communications companies have the unique opportunity to reach customers via platform-based ecosystems with a comprehensive customer experience and win new customers.

Long-term partnerships

Together with our clients, we work out the optimal solution for the current situation and accompany them to success with technological innovations. In our projects we strive for a partnership that goes far beyond a mere project handling otherwise in the IT service environment. Through internal exchange you not only profit from the experience of the consultants on site but also indirectly from the expertise of the bbv network.


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Chief Operating Officer

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Data analysis with machine learning for decision-makers

Data analysis with machine learning for decision-makers

Valuable insights as a basis for sound decisions: bbv collaborated with ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz AG to develop a new, scalable and forward-looking analysis system that allows customers to filter out important trends and insights from comprehensive media evaluations using machine learning techniques.

Success Story
Markus Grob, Chief Analytics Officer (CAO), Member of the Executive Board of ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz AG

bbv guided us really efficiently to the cloud and gave us great support in setting up. Our team benefited enormously from bbv’s knowledgeable experts.

Agile software modernisation in the publishing sector

Open, flexible and fit for the future: bbv supported mms solutions ag in modernising its publishing systems. The new and attractive solution offers customers of mms solutions a greater choice of services for modern multi-channel communication and is optimally equipped for future enhancements.

Success Story

Modernisation of a cloud-based business application

The project management software “proles” was first developed 15 years ago and has been enhanced continually. bbv helped the customer to upgrade to the latest technologies and supported the development of new functions and the introduction of agile development processes. The software was modularised for this purpose to ready it for the future.

Success Story

Innovation workshops

From idea to business case. The innovation workshops provide a forum for us to develop business ideas with you relating to technological and methodological trend topics.

Innovation Workshops

Software Development Quality Map

The map covers more than 80 topics in relation to software quality, arranged figuratively in eight countries. Readers can follow the orange route or explore the countries under their own steam.


Booklet: Requirements engineering in agile projects

Requirements engineering is not a specific point in agile software development that is explicitly named and executed. However, it is a task for the product owner and an important aspect of the success of agile projects. This 55-page booklet explains the theory and practice for successfully integrating requirements engineering into agile processes.

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“An AI agent has to undergo a probationary period”
Chancen und Risiken von KI-Agenten

“An AI agent has to undergo a probationary period”

AI agents carry out their tasks largely autonomously – risk or opportunity? Cedric Klinkert, AI engineer at bbv Software Services, explains how the decisions of AI agents can be understood thanks to an “inner monologue”.

How AI agents are revolutionising our working world
Greater efficiency and automation thanks to generative AI

How AI agents are revolutionising our working world

AI agents communicate with and control apps, code or databases – partially or highly autonomously – and therefore make companies more efficient. However, a solid business case is needed.


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