Digitalisation of medical technology is changing the rules of play in competition and placing the business models of established companies under scrutiny.

The market for medical technology companies is facing radical change: Consolidations and the growing number of purchasing alliances are increasing pressure on existing business models. In addition, growth and profitability are becoming increasingly difficult to achieve owing to stricter regulations such as MDR and cost pressure in healthcare.

New opportunities with new technologies

New technologies offer many opportunities in this respect. They are already used to drive operational efficiency or smart networking in the Internet of Medical Things, and yet they can do even more. Through big data analyses, they can help to improve use and utilisation of devices and enable more precise diagnosis of illnesses. Additional optimisation potential can be leveraged in service through the use of Augmented Reality. These are just two of many examples of how digitalisation allows innovations to flourish so that companies are solidly positioned for growth in the future too.


Joschka Wanke

Chief Operating Officer

bbv Germany

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bbv is ISO 13485:2006 certified

bbv Software Services AG is ISO-certified according to the quality management standard ISO 13485:2016 to ensure that software development for medical devices complies with the laws and regulations of the medical industry.

Takeover of test management for a major medical project

Takeover of test management for a major medical project

Experience is the key to successful management of major projects. bbv supported the customer in developing a new diagnostics solution for contagious disease viruses by providing a very experienced quality expert in general test management and allowed valuable development time to be saved through the efficient approach adopted.

Success Story

Development of a device for detecting cervical cancer

An analysis device was to be developed swiftly for the HPV virus in order to diagnose cervical cancer at an early stage. Thanks to agile software development and test-driven development, bbv was able to fulfil the ambitious goal and deliver high-quality software. The C# development relied on the existing customer framework for the solution.

Success Story
Markus Grob, Chief Analytics Officer (CAO), Member of the Executive Board of ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz AG

bbv guided us really efficiently to the cloud and gave us great support in setting up. Our team benefited enormously from bbv’s knowledgeable experts.

Data analysis with machine learning for decision-makers

Valuable insights as a basis for sound decisions: bbv collaborated with ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz AG to develop a new, scalable and forward-looking analysis system that allows customers to filter out important trends and insights from comprehensive media evaluations using machine learning techniques.

Success Story

Poster on service meshes in microservice architectures

Service meshes generate a network abstraction for container-based applications and services in order to simplify their management. bbv’s DIN A2 poster explains the architecture of service meshes, highlights their popular features and looks especially at the topics of security, traffic management, telemetry and reliability.


Poster on the topic of user-centered design

Focusing product development as a whole on end users is the basic motto of user-centered design. The DIN A2 poster of the same name explains the most important principles, illustrates the cycle of request, solution and evaluation and lists the various advantages this process offers. A poster for every product owner and project manager.

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“An AI agent has to undergo a probationary period”
Chancen und Risiken von KI-Agenten

“An AI agent has to undergo a probationary period”

AI agents carry out their tasks largely autonomously – risk or opportunity? Cedric Klinkert, AI engineer at bbv Software Services, explains how the decisions of AI agents can be understood thanks to an “inner monologue”.

How AI agents are revolutionising our working world
Greater efficiency and automation thanks to generative AI

How AI agents are revolutionising our working world

AI agents communicate with and control apps, code or databases – partially or highly autonomously – and therefore make companies more efficient. However, a solid business case is needed.


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