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Media monitoring with machine learning

bbv developed a scalable analysis system together with Argus Data Insights Schweiz AG, which customers can use to filter out trends and insights from extensive media content. They gain valuable insights that serve as a basis for informed business decisions.

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Argus Data Insights Schweiz AG is the leading provider of integrated business intelligence solutions in Switzerland. The company’s success is founded on the unique combination of comprehensive global media coverage, innovative technology, personal consultancy and more than 100 years of experience.

Around 190 media, communications, analysis and data experts find, consolidate and analyse relevant media content in high-quality media reviews and reports, which are used as decision-making aids for Argus customers in the areas of communication, marketing and strategy.


“bbv showed us the path to the cloud very effectively and supported us actively in its establishment. Our team benefited enormously from the know-how of the experts.”

Markus Grob, Chief Analytics Officer (CAO) and Member of the Executive Board of ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz AG.


Scalable platform in the cloud

Thanks to the new analysis system co-developed by bbv, the company is able to prepare large quantities of media data from different channels (social media, web news, print, radio and TV) and perform in-depth content analyses. The new platform is highly scalable and uses Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud.

To enrich the media data with corporate data, a number of services were developed with natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning models. The actual services are orchestrated with Kubernetes. The new system processes around 42,000 print and online publications as well as 150,000 social media posts per day and can be extended flexibly.

Media analyses

Analysis of historical media data too

Enrichment and analysis of data is at the heart of the media analyses conducted by Argus Data Insights. Thanks to access to historical data, more comprehensive analyses of past events are also possible.

The bbv experts used Infrastructure-as-a-Code to set up the different environments. This made it easier to create and document the entire infrastructure.

Project insights

  • Cloud architecture: bbv advised Argus Data Insights AG comprehensively on the cloud and implemented the cloud architecture for the new analysis system.
  • Python: The Python programming language was used in the project since the Argus employees were already familiar with this language. This means they can continue to develop the platform independently in the future.
  • Agile development: The bbv experts followed an iterative and incremental approach when developing the platform. This means that only two social media channels were incorporated in the beginning in order to collect initial experience with the architecture and establish a pipeline to the cloud. Further channels, news and print content were then integrated and stored in searchable form.
  • Data integration: The new analysis system allows large quantities of data to be stored and processed. In addition, the platform has been able to use historical data for complex analyses since 2018, representing a major benefit for the customer.
  • Scalability: The analysis system is scalable and designed so that additional channels can be integrated seamlessly.
  • Expertise: Argus Data Insights Schweiz AG benefited in particular from the engineering know-how of the bbv experts. The project also enabled the employees to acquire skills in agile software development methods.

Our services in the project

The PDF version of the ARGUS DATA INSIGHTS Schweiz AG Success Story can be found here.


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