Interview: Why the metaverse is (still) a distant prospect for Swiss SMEs

Patrick Labud and Marco Ravicini have seen many IT trends come and go over the course of their careers. In this interview, the co-authors of bbv’s Technica Radar tell us, among other things, why they favour ethical software development over the metaverse, where energy could be saved and which IT topic should take centre stage in every company.

Software based on modular design

Low-code and no-code platforms allow even those not well versed in IT to develop productive business applications. Professional programmers should also make use of the relevant tools to complement rather than replace their work.

“The new location is more than an office”

bbv Greece in Thessaloniki is moving to new offices. Not only will this move provide optimum working conditions in a modern environment, it will also mean that bbv is ideally positioned to attract new talent. Customers also stand to gain from the new premises.

The history of bbv

From small Luzerne-based software house with three employees to internationally operating company: bbv’s timeline shows the eventful history over 25 years of Making Visions Work in short anecdotes.


bbv Software Services is a Swiss software engineering and consultancy company employing more than 300 experts, and all with one goal: to work together to realise our customers’ visions. We share enthusiasm for technological innovations for new solutions and business models from which our customers can quickly generate value. Thanks to our expertise in leading [...]


Working at bbv Software Services AG means ambitious projects, teamwork with outstanding colleagues and countless opportunities to develop and shape your future. bbv Software Services AG is a Swiss software engineering and consultancy company with a workforce of 300 employees in Switzerland, Germany, Greece and Vietnam. We love challenges and apply ourselves with dedication and [...]

Thermoplan uses Azure IoT to control smart coffee machines

Thermoplan’s latest generation of professional coffee machines are connected to the Internet and produce data on the quality of the coffee and the wear and tear of the machine parts. bbv developed a secure cloud Azure IoT solution together with Microsoft to allow the large volumes of data to be analysed.

Remote diagnostics system for all types of trains via the Azure cloud

Selectron Fleet Monitoring can create remote diagnostics for a train during operation. Thanks to the fast response times, downtimes can be reduced during servicing. The cloud and IoT experts at bbv are to thank for the fast, secure and scalable implementation of the solution, which offers high availability at minimal operating costs.


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