bbv Software Services AG, Lucerne

Address: Blumenrain 10, 6002 Lucerne, Switzerland
Telephone: +41 41 429 01 11
Telefax: +41 41 429 01 13

Managing Director: Philipp Kronenberg (CEO)
President of the Board of Directors: Adrian Bachofen

Commercial register number (UID): CHE-108.385.922
Value-added tax number: CHE-108.385.922 MWST

bbv Software Services GmbH, Munich

Address: Elsenheimerstr. 9, 80687 Munich, Germany
Telephone: +49 89 452 4383-0

Managing Director: Philipp Kronenberg (CEO)

Register court: Official court Munich
Register number: 200710 HRB

Commercial register number (UID): DE284700248
Tax identification number: 143/119/21208


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