One of the largest software projects involves the changes in the energy market, with digital transformation in this sector playing a critical role.

The Energy Strategy 2050 as well as other profound changes in the energy environment, such as the rise of electric mobility, use of renewable energies and prosumer systems as well as decentralisation, necessitate the conversion of the energy system.

Digitalisation is an important trailblazer

Technologies for intelligent combination of power generation and power consumption are well advanced under headings such as «smart meter» or «smart grids». The next step is to network these technologies and enable a real-time response or autonomous control. Continuous data processing provides the basis for solving complex problems instantaneously.

Thanks to our longstanding expertise in the control and networking of devices, the Internet of Things (IoT) combined with big data as well as digital platform development we help energy suppliers and manufacturers in plant and system construction for energy management to refocus their digital strategy.


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More efficient testing with tool-based automation

More efficient testing with tool-based automation

Certainty in power supply: Switchgear installations must fulfil the strictest requirements. The software components developed by bbv resulted in significantly increased testing efficiency at ABB thanks to automated test planning, implementation and documentation. This also had a positive impact on employee motivation.

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Booklet: Software development for mobile applications, UX and testing

When setting out to develop mobile applications, a variety of platforms, device types and development environments have to be examined and various user interfaces considered. This 80-page booklet provides an excellent overview of all of the relevant aspects of software development for mobile platforms.


Booklet: Software migration to Windows Azure

Cloud computing is well established at this stage. Microsoft got on board years back with the Azure platform and now offers the most comprehensive range of services in the public cloud. This booklet explains exactly what lies behind Azure and how you can migrate existing software.


New web portal for improved business processes and customer retention

bbv developed a new customer portal for Egli Mühlen as an extension of the legacy systems combined with an improved data structure, which provides feed customers with all information at a glance and allows them to place orders directly. The new portal is responsive and can therefore also be used on smartphones and tablets.

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Booklet: Application lifecycle management (ALM)

Booklet: Application lifecycle management (ALM)

This 52-page booklet explains what is meant by application lifecycle management and which open source tools support stakeholders and the team in the development process. The booklet then looks purposefully at Microsoft tools that can help with ALM. The report is rounded off by personal experiences from bbv experts.



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