As digitalisation advances, the challenges facing public administrations continue to grow too. E-government and timely optimisation and realisation of innovative digital solutions are critical for sustained growth and cost efficiency.

Customers have come to expect the same speed and comfort from public administrations in electronic communication as they are used to from commercial booking or information platforms. Digital platforms also offer numerous possibilities here for offering a personalised and individualised service for customers.

We accompany you through the data-based transformation process so that you can take a step closer to realising your vision and manage and drive digitalisation by optimising your processes or developing new products.


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Chief Operating Officer

bbv Germany

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We help you to make the right decisions in the complex world of IT and to realise them. We consult, coach, develop and implement. For you and together with you. So that you get the best solution.

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Release at the press of a button with automated deployment

Release at the press of a button with automated deployment

The City of Zurich’s statistics department found that the manual deployment process for the buildings and dwellings register was error-prone and lengthy. Adaptations and changes were therefore rarely made. bbv automated the deployment and thus shortened the time to such an extent that new versions can now be deployed in a matter of minutes.

Success Story
Mauro Baster, Head of Data Management, City of Zurich’s Statistics Department

bbv advised and supported us optimally in automating our processes. We can now spend more time on developing new features.

bbv supports Swiss Police with video number plate recognition

bbv developed an application for crime prevention and investigation, which compares car number plates and wanted lists using video cameras. Since it first developed the application more than ten years ago, bbv has reliably supported the Swiss Competence Centre “Polizeitechnik und Informatik PTI” in supporting and enhancing it.

Success Story
All the essentials at a glance.

Poster on the topic of agile software development

This printable poster in PDF format graphically illustrates the main elements and interdependencies in agile software development and scrum in an appealing way. It shows the release cycle, sprint process, the roles and tasks involved and the information flows between the acting roles.


Booklet: Requirements engineering in agile projects

Requirements engineering is not a specific point in agile software development that is explicitly named and executed. However, it is a task for the product owner and an important aspect of the success of agile projects. This 55-page booklet explains the theory and practice for successfully integrating requirements engineering into agile processes.

Software Development Quality Map

Software Development Quality Map

The map covers more than 80 topics in relation to software quality, arranged figuratively in eight countries. Readers can follow the orange route or explore the countries under their own steam.



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