The insurance company Mobiliar develops new applications using Java technology. Employees from the existing Cobol environment are being trained in Java and supported in projects locally by an external coach. bbv also introduced modern concepts like agile software development with scrum and test-driven development.

Mobiliar previously developed its core applications with Cobol in its in-house IT department. All of these were to be migrated to Java. As this not only involved a change of programming language, rather also represented a paradigm shift, Mobiliar engaged bbv to help the developers with the migration by providing a coach.

The employees had previously been trained in Java by an external training company. The coach was integrated in the scrum teams and was able to help with all problems arising from the paradigm shift. He trained the “new” Java developers in test-driven development also as well as in XP practices such as continuous integration and build automation.

Industries: Insurance
Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
Format: Success Story


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