Tap into additional revenue streams without reinventing the wheel

When we talk to customers, we see a clear pattern. They have a vision or an idea of how they can add value to their customers. But where and how exactly money can be made is often only superficially considered. The reason for this is that the basis for decision making and the experience to identify, quantify and operationalise new revenue streams are missing.

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Your benefits

Discover how to use the «Revenue Design» strategy to realise new revenue models such as «Pay per Use», «Recurring Revenue» and perpetual or functionally restricted licensing as additional revenue streams.

A «Revenue Design» strategy will help you to…

  • identify new revenue streams.
  • analyse and quantify revenue opportunities.
  • place revenue models in sales and in the marketplace.
  • implement or integrate appropriate systems and software.
  • ensure the economic operation of your revenue model.

Our Services

We will guide you and your team in a comprehensive approach, from the co-creation of innovative ideas through to their implementation and marketing, to not only identify new revenue streams, but to successfully implement them.


  • Discover potential
  • Define KPI’s
  • Make added value billable


  • Conception of the solution
  • Evaluation & selection of required components
  • Determination of operational & licensing costs


  • Integration in ERP and peripheral systems
  • Simplify operations, automate processes


  • Drafting of non-legal contracts
  • Marketing for internal buy-in and external storytelling

Step 1: Co-Creation

  • We work with you to develop ideas and starting points for new revenue streams, either within existing systems or by developing additional services.
  • If necessary, we will review existing approaches that are not working sufficiently.
  • We work with you to identify the revenue potential associated with customer value.
  • We analyse the potential and assess what your customers are willing to pay for the added value.

Step 2: Concretisation

  • We support you in identifying and designing the components required for implementation.
  • We help you evaluate and select them, including a make-or-buy analysis where appropriate.
  • We develop and define the selection criteria and compile the operating and licence costs.

Step 3: Realisation

  • We integrate the components into your system for you – or with you – including connection to your ERP or other peripheral systems.
  • We simplify the operation of your system by automating and simplifying the relevant processes wherever possible and sensible.

Step 4: Marketing

  • We help you in drafting the content of non-legal contracts.
  • We support you with internal marketing to ensure buy-in from internal stakeholders.
  • We guide you in formulating new narratives and stories to inspire your sales team and customers.

How you benefit from the «Revenue Design» strategy

  • More revenue certainty. You know if, how and to what extent a new system, product or innovation can add value.
  • Greater revenue clarity through clear metrics in the design, implementation and operation of the system. And a clear return on investment through an integrated, automated revenue system.
  • Simplify internal implementation by providing templates and lessons learned from other customers.

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    FAQ on New Revenue Streams

    Many companies lack knowledge and understanding of new, profitable revenue models. In other words, the focus is on the number of units sold, while potentially more lucrative service models or intelligent mechanisms for consumables are unknown. We often hear statements such as «Our sales team sells devices, not services» or «Our customers aren’t ready».

    The «Revenue Design» strategy is a comprehensive consulting framework that is unique in Switzerland. It covers the entire product and service process – from identifying potential to evaluation, implementation and marketing. A traditional consulting firm will assist with analysis and design, a technology company with implementation. At bbv, we support our clients in both areas.

    Even if only part of a «Revenue Design» strategy is required. For example, if there is a concrete idea for a new revenue model, but it has not yet been integrated into the business processes and system landscape.

    Our Co-Creation workshops help you develop innovative ideas and new revenue streams. We analyse your customers’ potential and willingness to pay for added value.

    We also help you evaluate and select the right components to effectively realise these revenue streams. With our expertise in «Revenue Design», we offer concrete and actionable strategies that lead to sustainable growth.

    «Pay per Use» and «Recurring Revenue» are two different approaches to monetising products or services that are often used in digital offerings.

    «Pay per Use» is a flexible model where customers only pay for the actual use of a service or product. It is particularly popular with cloud computing offerings and rental models.

    «Recurring Revenue», on the other hand, is based on recurring income generated through subscriptions or long-term contracts. This model is often found in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) or other services that deliver ongoing value.

    Both models have their advantages: «Pay per Use» is particularly flexible and customer-friendly, while «Recurring Revenue» provides a degree of financial stability through regular income.

    Make-or-buy analysis is a strategic decision-making process that helps companies make the optimal choice between producing (“make”) and buying (“buy”) products or services.

    This analysis takes into account a variety of factors such as cost, time, quality and risk. It is used to determine the most economical and strategically sound option by incorporating both direct and indirect costs, as well as qualitative aspects such as flexibility, control and transfer of expertise, into the decision-making process.

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