Your success starts with a vision

Innovation can be developed step by step. Our approach enables you to explore new concepts and create a product vision. We analyse existing challenges, ideas and strategies to identify opportunities for innovation.

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Joschka Wanke

Chief Operating Officer

bbv Germany

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Innovation is not a magic trick

Forget the myth that innovation comes from a genius sitting in a basement with a brilliant idea. Innovation is about identifying and solving problems and/or goals. You will be amazed at the ideas you will generate using this simple and proven method!

Ingredients for successful innovation

  • Build innovation around experience.
  • Think of innovation as a system.
  • Cultivate an innovation culture.
  • Establish an innovation process.

We help you articulate your vision and turn it into products that make your business more successful.

Hannes Bitto, Head Product Development, Klenico AG

Thanks to bbv, we have been able to sharpen our idea more and more and in a short time develop a certified medical product that is very popular with our customers.

How we implement the process with you

With our method, you use a defined process that first separates the problem from the solution and works out two spaces.

Problem space

  1. Analyse trends
  2. Know the environment
  3. Understand the users
  4. Identify requirements

Solution space

  1. Explore concepts
  2. Define solutions
  3. Evaluate visions

Innovation is more than a process – it’s a mindset.

We bring the right mindset to your team – for example:

  • Visualise: Try new things, make mistakes and learn from them.
  • Collaborate: Benefit from each other, share expertise.
  • People-centred: Get people on board.
  • Openness: Accept problems for which there are no answers yet.
  • Experimentation: Test fast, learn fast, get early feedback.
Flavio Maspoli, UX Designer/Consultant, bbv

Warten Sie nicht auf einen Wake-Up Call von ihren Kunden, die Sie auf verschlafene Trends aufmerksam machen. Mit unserer methodischen Beratung werden ihre Ideen greifbar, Innovation einfach und Ihr Unternehmen zukunftssicher.

Methodology Consulting Product Vision

Innovation Workshop

In this workshop, you will work with our experts to develop innovation and visioning processes in three individually bookable modules. In the first module we present best practice examples. In the second module, we create a decision-making basis for your innovation and vision development. In the third module, we analyse your business challenges and derive innovation potential.

PDF (in German)
Software Engineers

Are you looking for a methodical way to develop product visions?

Our approach allows you to explore new concepts and develop product visions step by step.

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FAQ on Product Vision

A product vision is an inspiring and clear idea of what a product should do in the future. It serves as a guideline for development and provides a common direction for the team and stakeholders.

The vision is not just an abstract idea, but a strategic framework that encompasses both the functional and emotional aspects of the product. It answers important questions such as «What do we want to achieve?» and «Who is the product for?», creating value for both users and the company.

A clearly defined product vision is critical to the innovation process as a strategic guide and source of inspiration. It focuses the team, enables efficient resource allocation and helps to prioritise tasks.

The clarity provided by a product vision allows decisions to be made in the context of long-term goals. This increases the agility and adaptability of the team, which in turn significantly increases the likelihood of innovation success.

A structured methodology unlocks the power in your organisation to create new products and business successes from problems, deficiencies and missed trends. Our consulting services provide an external perspective and a structured methodology that facilitates the path from vision to successful product.

There are four false assumptions that prevent organisations from achieving systemic innovation:

  • Innovation as practiced today is good enough.
  • Innovation is only for managers.
  • Innovation is only for practitioners.
  • Planning for innovation is a contradiction in terms.

With certainty. Successful innovation is no coincidence. They happen when a clear product vision meets a supportive environment. Our consultancy ensures both. In contrast, innovations often fail because they either lack a clear vision or operate in an environment that hinders their development.

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