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Custom software is our passion. We take digital solutions from idea to market with dedication and a passion for our craft. We incorporate the latest methodological insights into our work and select the most appropriate technologies for your project. Our quality standards and expertise ensure that your software solution is not only excellent overall, but also in detail.

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Joschka Wanke

Chief Operating Officer

bbv Germany

+49 89 452 43 83 44

Your Benefits

With over 25 years of experience in software development, we have a deep understanding of the challenges and needs of organisations of all sizes and industries. This expertise enables us to deliver projects efficiently and successfully, from initial idea to successful market launch.

  • Excellent custom software: Our bespoke software solutions are of the highest quality down to the last detail. We not only implement your project with technical expertise, but also take into account the latest methodological insights to develop excellent custom software.
  • Comprehensive solution portfolio: We offer a full range of solutions, from components and interfaces to full platforms and software suites. Whether your requirements are simple or highly complex, we develop customised solutions for cloud, web, mobile, desktop and embedded.
  • Versatile technology expertise: We are familiar with a wide range of technologies, methodologies and tools. This breadth of expertise enables us to select the most suitable options for your specific project..
  • Cross-industry expertise: Our team is made up of proven specialists who are familiar with different domains and technologies. This cross-industry expertise enables us to respond flexibly and effectively to the unique requirements and challenges of your project.
Daniel Mayer, Head of Technology, Member of Management, René Koch AG

bbv was able to transform our requirements quickly into high-quality software. We are really impressed by the excellent cooperation and the high quality of the software.

Our Services

  • Software Development from A to Z: Our experts take you from the initial idea to a successful market launch – for both simple and highly complex projects. Our engineering portfolio covers all types of software – from components and interfaces to extensive platforms and entire software suites. We transform your ideas into powerful applications for the cloud, web, mobile, desktop and embedded.
  • Technology Consulting: Our technology experts help you select and apply the best technologies for your project. We keep our finger on the pulse and provide you with innovative and future-proof solutions.
  • Project Management: Our experienced project managers ensure that your software projects run smoothly. Skilled in both traditional and agile methodologies, they ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budget.
  • Managed Teams: Our Managed Teams are an effective way to relieve pressure on your organisation and provide you with the expertise and manpower you need at short notice. We work with you to put together a dedicated team, the size and skills of which are tailored to your individual requirements.

Software Development Quality Map

Good software quality is important to every development team. But what to do if the software is not yet of the desired quality? The Software Development Quality Map provides the solution: it takes teams on a journey of discovery through 80 different topics.

Software Development Quality Map
Istvan Szalai, CEO, Garaventa AG

bbv is the ideal software partner for us: highly knowledgeable, sharply analytical, and a very efficient implementer.

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    FAQ on Software Engineering

    Custom software is a bespoke software solution developed specifically to meet the requirements and needs of your business or project. Our experience, expertise and quality standards ensure that your custom software solution is right down to the last detail.

    In our blog post, «Develop software yourself or buy it off the shelf– is this question still justified?», we look at this question in more detail and highlight the differences, advantages and disadvantages of custom versus off-the-shelf software.

    View blog post

    Yes, as well as developing new software solutions, we can also enhance or modernise your existing software. Use our expertise to modernise your software so that it can adapt flexibly to changing business and user requirements.

    Learn more

    Our «Agile Software Development» poster shows all the key processes, information flows and roles involved and how a Kanban board can be integrated into software development. It illustrates the release cycle, the sprint process, the roles and tasks, and the information flows between the roles involved.

    View poster

    Our «Agile Project Management» poster says more than a thousand words, as it graphically illustrates the interrelationships for a successful development methodology. It depicts the key phases of Setup & Plan, Execution and Transition, and uses arrows to show how each process influences the others during development.

    View poster

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