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In the increasingly digital business world, the user and customer experience plays a crucial role. At bbv, this is exactly what we specialise in. Our UX experts design bespoke solutions that are tailored to the needs of your customers. The aim is to create a seamless, intuitive and positive experience that reflects the uniqueness of your brand, services or products.

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Your Benefits

  • Customer satisfaction: We design digital experiences that are not only easy to use and intuitive, but also delight your customers. By improving the user experience, we can help increase your customers’ satisfaction.
  • Customer loyalty: By building emotional connections and creating positive experiences, we increase your customers’ loyalty to your brand. Loyalty is often a direct result of a great customer experience.
  • Business growth: By improving the user and customer experience, you can not only increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, but also drive business growth. An improved user and customer experience can increase willingness to buy and increase customer lifetime value.
Marco Corradini, Chief Conservation Planner Gotthard, SBB AG

bbv understood our unusual requirements and implemented them optimally in an intuitive user interface design. Professional and flexible – we were really impressed.

Our Services

  • User Experience Design: We design intuitive, user-friendly interfaces that help your customers achieve their goals efficiently. We pay particular attention to consistency, usability and visual design.
  • Customer Journey Mapping & Service Blueprinting: We work with you to analyse the entire customer experience, from their first interaction with your brand to conversion and beyond. We identify key moments and channels to gain a comprehensive understanding of customer needs and optimise your customer journey.
  • Usability Testing & Optimisation: We conduct comprehensive usability testing to ensure your digital touchpoints are effective and easy to use. Based on the findings, we optimise the design and functionality of your digital platforms.

Poster on the topic of user-centered design

Focusing product development as a whole on end users is the basic motto of user-centered design. The DIN A2 poster of the same name explains the most important principles, illustrates the cycle of request, solution and evaluation and lists the various advantages this process offers. A poster for every product owner and project manager.

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FAQ on User & Customer Experience

User experience refers to the experience a user has with a particular product or service, while customer experience encompasses the customer’s overall experience with the entire brand and all of its products and services.

Service Blueprinting is a Service Design method that enables the visualisation and analysis of complex services. It describes the flow of a service process, the interactions between customers and service providers, and the supporting resources and technologies.

A good user and customer experience can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and ultimately lead to increased sales.

There are many ways to achieve this, such as improving user interfaces, optimising customer service processes or collecting and using customer feedback to improve products and services.

Usability testing involves performing typical user tasks to determine how easy or difficult it is for them to complete these tasks with your product or service. In this way, problems that prevent users from completing their tasks can be identified and resolved.

A Customer Journey Map is a visual representation of all the interactions a customer has with your brand. It helps to understand and optimise the customer experience by showing where customers encounter problems or have particularly positive experiences.

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