Business customers of ARP can order ink and toner for more than 70,000 printers and faxes using an iPhone app anywhere and any time. bbv designed and programmed the iPhone app together with ARP in an agile software development process. PhoneGap and web technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 were used.

The aim was to create a modern iPhone app to allow business customers of ARP to order the corresponding inks and toners for some 70,000 different printers and faxes. The individual app views were defined for this purpose in a shared development and the project was implemented piece by piece in an agile development project. PhoneGap was used for simple porting to other platforms (such as Android), which converts a web application with HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript to a native iPhone app.

The development paid off for the customer, who thanks to the familiar web technologies can perform enhancements independently (also for other platforms). bbv supervised the development from design to registration in the AppStore and ensured that the Apple iPhone guidelines were observed.

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Industries: ICT & media/ Industry
Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
Format: Success Story


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