The Lightcycler® 480 real-time PCR system is a high-throughput system for gene analysis. The instrument is operated and controlled by means of a Windows application on a desktop data station. bbv managed the software redevelopment of the two subsystems Instrument Software and Instrument Management Software.

New software needed to be developed for analysing gene material in a real-time PCR system. Both the Instrument Software (IC) and Instrument Management Software (IM) subsystems had to be redeveloped for a Windows desktop application. The system also had to be verified and validated in accordance with FDA guidelines.

bbv relied on trusted frameworks (RIC RTCosmo, Delphi Application) for the implementation and finalised the software in just two years to Version 1.0 thanks to its know-how. Lightcycler® 480 is characterised by its stability, high speed and extraordinary precision. Success was not long in coming, with more than 350 Lightcycler® systems sold within just a short space of time.

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Industries: Medical technology
Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
Format: Success Story


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