The Fumetto App for iOS and Android is the digital guide for one of the most important international comic festivals in Europe. The app provides information on the exhibitions, performers and events in Lucerne and was programmed and delivered by bbv in a matter of weeks using an agile approach.

The Fumetto is one of the most important international comic festivals in Europe with 20 main exhibitions and 50 satellite exhibitions. Not only was the app to list events and exhibitions, but also show news from the Facebook page and be easy to populate with data using Google tables. The app uploads updates automatically.

bbv programmed the app as a cross-platform development in C# for Fumetto. The advantage: The apps are “native” on the respective platform and offer high performance. The implementation was completed in just a few weeks thanks to bbv’s development expertise. The customer’s requirements were implemented in full thanks to the agile approach. The app can also be used for future festivals without changes.

The PDFs download is currently only available in German language.


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