IT superhero, wouldn’t that be great: a hero with skills to set you apart from everyone else. Our Young Professional Programme offers the ultimate preparation in this regard.

The Young Professional Programme promotes and supports you on your path towards becoming an IT hero. The optimum environment awaits you with exciting challenges and individual training on- and off-the-job over a period of around two years. Are you ready for a superhero adventure? Then apply to us now!


Joschka Wanke

Chief Operating Officer

bbv Germany

+49 89 452 43 83 44
bbv as employer

bbv is one of the top 10 best IT employers

Once again, bbv Software Services AG takes a place on the podium in the ranking of the best employers in Switzerland in the category “Internet, Telecommunications & IT”. With the second place, bbv is once again listed as an employer in the top group and is on the podium with renowned international companies – bbv was awarded the first place in 2021.

Bilanz Rating


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