bbv Software Services is a Swiss software engineering and consultancy company employing more than 300 experts, and all with one goal: to work together to realise our customers’ visions.

We share enthusiasm for technological innovations for new solutions and business models from which our customers can quickly generate value. Thanks to our expertise in leading technologies and our commitment to outstanding quality, we support our customers with IT strategy and innovation consultancy, from IoT systems to e-commerce portals and in topics such as artificial intelligence or data science.

We have been operating in Switzerland, Germany, Greece and Vietnam since 1995 and strengthen our customers in digital transformation from brainstorming through to market success. Whether directly on site with the customer or in one of our offices.


Philipp Kronenberg


bbv Group

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bbv in Kürze

  • bbv was founded in 1995.
  • The co-founder Adrian Bachofen still works for bbv in the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors.
  • We have helped more than 500 companies.

  • Our 300 software engineers and consultants, of whom 210 are based in Switzerland and 90 abroad, demonstrate their expertise in the bbv Academy too, as well as in communities and as external speakers at conferences.

  • We are on hand for our customers either directly on site or in one of our offices
  • with four locations in Switzerland
  • and four locations in Germany, Greece and Vietnam.

25 years bbv

Anniversary magazine

25 years bbv: This must be celebrated properly! We start the celebrations with our anniversary magazine. Have you already foraged throuhg it? Which article do you like best? By the way, you can find the solution for the staff quiz on our blog.

Anniversary Magazine

The way we work reflects a set of principles which we strive to practise in the interests of our clients and partners. This is how we would like them to perceive us:


“The people at bbv are keen to learn. They are good lateral thinkers who are interested in understanding the big picture. Their professional expertise is certainly second-to-none. These are people who want to deliver nothing else than intelligent solutions and first class work.”

customer focussed

“They understand and identify themselves with our vision, our objectives and our needs. bbv has made a significant contribution to our success.”


“Commitment is at the heart of everything that bbv does. They focus on solutions rather than problems and are good at facilitating consensus. They share a proactive sense of responsibility which extends beyond their work to contributing to society in general.”


“The people at bbv are honest and open in their thinking. Their credo is that valuing diversity leads us to the best solutions.”


“They have a positive attitude and this helps to foster a creative and dynamic working environment.”

bbv Software Services is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.

The ISO 9001 certification confirms our integrated and distinct quality awareness. Our focus is on the satisfaction of our customers. We want not only to meet their expectations, but also to exceed them in order to contribute optimally to their success and thus to their vision.

With the ISO 13485 certification, our customers can be confident that we provide them with comprehensive support in the development of high-quality medical products to meet the requirements in the strictly regulated environment and to ensure product safety.

Vision: bbv Software Services is a Swiss software and consultancy company with the aim of contributing its expertise to the most important visions, projects and challenges for mankind in our interconnected and globalised world.
Was Kunden künftig wollen

Pferde mit Stärken

Die wirtschaftliche Unsicherheit und neue Arbeitsformen prägen die Projektagenda sowie die Kundenansprache. Neue Zugpferde ziehen das Business aus der Corona-Misere. Für diesen Artikel hat Computerworld Philipp Kronenberg, CEO der bbv, und verschiedene Leistungsträger der ICT-Branche interviewt (erschienen in der CW 08/2020; gekürzte Fassung).

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Corona-Beitragsserie: Shoring

Coronavirus: Der Schalter für mehr Flexibilität?

Die ausserordentliche Situation um COVID-19 hat Unternehmen von einem auf den anderen Tag vor eine grosse Herausforderung gestellt. Doch gerade diese schwierige Zeit birgt auch Chancen und Potenziale. Nun gilt es, flexibel auf diese zu reagieren.

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Corona-Beitragsserie: Richtig investieren

Wie die Krise Rolls Royce erfinderisch machte

Drohte Rolls Royce noch in den 90er Jahren zum Opfer des eigenen technologischen Fortschritts zu werden, rissen sie das Ruder rechtzeitig herum und wurden Marktführer. Was war geschehen? Und was lässt sich daraus für die aktuelle Krise lernen?

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Corona-Beitragsserie: E-Signaturen in der Schweiz

«Nur die qualifizierte E-Signatur entspricht der handschriftlichen Unterschrift»

Gerade in Zeiten des Coronavirus gewinnen digitale Formen der Vertragsunterzeichnung an Bedeutung. Doch was gibt es beim Einsatz von E-Signaturen zu beachten? Wir haben bei bbv-Hausjurist Markus Haas nachgefragt.

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bbv Webinars for your knowledge boost

With the current information explosion and complexity, it is not always easy to make the right decisions. In our bbv webinars, we provide you with concise information in relation to current trends and best practices in software engineering and show you precisely what you need to know based on our practical experience.

Zu den Webinaren
Kollaboration und Kooperation

Gemeinsam stärker: Zusammenarbeit mit Geschäftspartnern

Mit externen Partnern zusammenzuarbeiten, bringt viele Vorteile, wie bbv-Experte Axel Hohnberg erläutert. Doch nicht immer sind die Erwartungen auf beiden Seiten dieselben. Tipps, wie die Zusammenarbeit gelingt.

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Istvan Szalai, CEO, Garaventa AG

bbv is the ideal software partner for us: highly knowledgeable, sharply analytical, and a very efficient implementer.


«Unsere zwei Märkte sind Kunden und Experten»

Schweizer Software-Schmieden müssen nicht nur bei den Kunden konkurrenzfähig sein, sondern auch bei den benötigten Experten. Wie dieser Spagat zu schaffen ist, erklärt bbv-CEO Philipp Kronenberg.

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