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Swisscom Health’s new curaBILL portal is ideally adapted to the processes in practice administration, leaving more time to take care of patients. Clear information structure, simplified and automated workflows and optimised liquidity provide optimum support.

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Swisscom Health is digitalising processes for healthcare facilities and connecting them to the growing world of eHealth. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and services for doctors, hospitals, healthcare institutions and laboratories.

Since 2002, bbv has been developing the accounts receivable management solution “curaBILL” for Swisscom Health for lean practice administration. The portal offers doctors and medical practice assistants the central management of invoices, receivables and debtors. Whether it’s daily payment control, dunning, professional debt collection, tax documents or annual financial statements, all with one solution.

With the relaunch of curaBILL, the solution became even more attractive: faster incoming payments, optimised liquidity, cost reduction and relief from routine activities. Clear, simplified workflows, a clear presentation of all information and the automated creation of tasks provide optimal support. For Swisscom Health customers, this means more time to take care of their patients.


Reduce effort and save time

Initially, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) was developed in order to obtain feedback from customers and Swisscom Health employees as quickly as possible. In this way, solutions were validated in a short time and new requirements were incorporated into the subsequent development.

During implementation, emphasis was placed on comprehensive user feedback in order to develop an intuitive user experience. Tailored to the needs of doctors and practice assistants, comprehensive information is displayed for each patient. With predefined rules, the tool automatically creates workflow tasks based on context. This allows doctors and MPAs to see at a glance which orders are pending and can process them quickly and efficiently. In this way, actions can be triggered directly, such as forwarding invoices to insurance companies.

“Thanks to bbv, we have an attractive solution with fast processes and excellent user experience. Our customers therefore have more time for their patients, curaBILL is impressive!”

David Pravato,  Product Manager curaBILL,  Swisscom Health

Project insights

  • Expertise: The interdisciplinary and highly experienced bbv team developed the new solution holistically.
  • User experience: Users are guided intuitively through the tool and its functions. Together with the optimised processes, this means significantly increased efficiency for customers.
  • Reduced operating expenses: Queries and complaints are significantly lower, thus easing the burden on Swisscom Health employees.
  • Branding: The modern user experience of the new portal improves customer satisfaction and is an added benefit in terms of marketing and attracting new customers.


The PDF version of the Curabill Success Story can be found here.

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Christof Oberholzer is Business Area Manager Healthcare & Insurance at bbv. He has more than 25 years of experience in software engineering, management, strategy, customer acquisition, project implementation and consultancy, development of global and local ERP products or individual IT services.


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