Networking machines intelligently for improved customer service: an intuitive app for iOS and Android shows Agathon customers everything at a glance. bbv helped the customer to develop the cloud-based solution with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. The complex application was to be developed using agile methods and scrum based on a proof of concept.

Industrie 4.0 solutions and IoT controllers are becoming increasingly important for small and medium-sized companies like Agathon AG. With the aim of operating its grinding machines more efficiently via app, the company designed and rolled out a complex IoT solution based on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud services in four months with the assistance of bbv.

Agathon customers therefore now have a solution that allows them to view important details at a glance, such as the remaining period of an order, and be informed of critical events by means of push notifications. The web-based cloud solution can be used on different devices, thus reducing development costs. The consistent DevOps strategy has also resulted in lower development and maintenance overhead.

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