Your personal IoT and cloud workshop

The Internet of Things in practice

We discuss the topic of the Internet of Things with you and show you how you can implement this specifically in your company.

The Internet of Things is growing rapidly: More and more devices, machines and systems are connected over the Internet. But how do we create IoT systems that are forward-looking, secure, scalable and inexpensive to maintain? How do the IoT services of the public cloud platforms help here?

We look at these and other topics that are on your agenda in a personal IoT and cloud workshop. Tailored for your company and your questions and with specific implementation proposals.

Our offer for your company:

  • Personalised, free 2-hour workshop tailored to your questions and needs
  • Target group: decision makers from product development through to CEO
  • Group size: up to six persons from your company
  • No obligations
IoT Cloud Workshop
IoT Cloud Workshop

What you can expect:

  • Internet of Things in specific terms: What opportunities exist? What are best practices? How are IoT projects started?
  • The public cloud: Are the IoT services offered by the cloud providers suitable in your specific case?
  • Data security: How can the devices be networked in a secure, scalable and stable manner? For example, how can large volumes of data be processed by sensors and remote maintenance of your machines enabled?
  • You will be familiarised with the next steps for your company and know which questions need to be clarified.

Are you interested in a workshop?

Then contact us directly.

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    Decision-making aid for choosing the right IoT cloud platform

    The aim of this 64-page booklet is to provide assistance for those responsible for IoT projects before starting a project or product development. The booklet focuses primarily on the topics that are often neglected when choosing the platform or in general when starting the IoT project. It offers numerous checklists in this regard.



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