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Discover the world of Generative Artificial Intelligence with bbv. Our advanced AI agents open up new horizons for the digital transformation of your business. From optimising complex business processes to redesigning customer interactions, our AI agents use the latest developments in generative AI to make your day-to-day operations faster and more efficient.

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Your Benefits

  • Streamline data-intensive decision-making processes: In today’s business world, you deal with a wealth of data to make informed decisions. We can help you use AI agents to efficiently analyse this data and gain valuable insights without spending hours poring over spreadsheets.
  • Simplify knowledge management: In large organisations, finding information in the knowledge base is often difficult. Use AI agents to make this task easier by retrieving relevant information quickly and accurately.
  • Automate repetitive tasks: Completing routine daily tasks is tedious. With AI agents, you can automate these tasks so your teams can spend more time on innovative projects.

Our Services

Increase your efficiency, protect your data and harness the full potential of artificial intelligence with custom-built AI agents and the bbv AI Hub:

  • Innovation Workshops: Together we develop ideas and business cases for the use of generative AI in your company in the Generative AI Innovation Workshop.
  • Custom AI Solutions: We develop custom AI agents to help you automate routine tasks, analyse complex data and simplify knowledge management in your organisation.
  • bbv AI Hub: Lay the foundation for using AI in your business with the bbv AI Hub. The bbv AI Hub is a secure and flexibly configurable all-in-one platform that can be tailored to your needs thanks to individual AI agents.

Benefits and features of the bbv AI Hub

With the AI Hub, you are not only relying on advanced technology, but also investing in a sustainable, secure and scalable solution that will ensure the success of your business in the digital age.

  • Flexibly configurable: The AI Hub is as versatile as your needs. You can extend it with a variety of AI agents and prompt libraries that are tailored to your requirements. Customise the interface as you like – from searching for conversations to organising conversations and the ability to drag and drop files into the AI Hub.
  • Comprehensive data protection: Your data is in safe hands. The AI Hub uses your private Azure Cloud to protect your data from unauthorised access. The AI Hub does not store your conversations and anonymises personal data at the front end. This allows you to process highly sensitive information.
  • Choose your preferred Large Language Model: We believe in variety and flexibility. The AI Hub is model agnostic, which means you can choose the underlying Large Language Model (LLM).
  • Real-time insight with dashboard: Our clear dashboard gives you a complete overview at all times. You can see the number of tokens processed and the associated costs in real time. Gain insight into which agents are being used most frequently and optimise your resources.
  • No subscription required: An attractive token-based pricing model that fits your needs.
Generative AI

Innovation Workshop

Discover the potential of Generative AI for new products and services. The Generative AI Innovation Workshop provides an ideal format for developing ideas and business cases.

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FAQ on bbv AI Hub

What is generative AI?

Generative AI is a form of AI that is trained to create content such as text, images, video, music or code on its own. It uses complex algorithms to learn patterns and structures from data and use them to generate new, original content that is similar to the examples it has learnt.

What are AI agents?

AI agents are virtual assistants that have a task that they can perform autonomously and in a human-like manner thanks to their «character», their tool set and their «basic intelligence». The basic intelligence, the brain of the AI agent, is usually a Large Language Model (LLM), for example ChatGPT, or another generative AI model. Whether writing social media posts, researching databases, analysing CVs or even creating code – there is a suitable AI agent for almost every requirement.

What are some use cases for AI agents?

  • Knowledge transfer: AI agents help document the knowledge and experience of long-serving employees. Other employees can centrally access and query this collected knowledge. Among other things, this simplifies the onboarding of new employees and prevents brain drain during staff changes.
  • Content creation: Let AI agents write social media or blog posts, or edit copy.
  • Improve customer service: AI agents can help identify frequently asked customer questions and provide automated answers to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Coding: AI agents can write code, assist with code review and debugging, or help create documentation.
  • Human resources: AI agents can compare and analyse hundreds of CVs and application files to speed up the selection process.
  • And much more!

How is the bbv AI Hub different from other generative AI tools like ChatGPT or Bard?

The bbv AI Hub is a bespoke solution that goes far beyond the capabilities of traditional tools. While tools such as ChatGPT or Bard often offer limited customisation options and less control over data security, the AI Hub gives you complete control over your data and a wide range of customisation options. With the AI Hub, you get not only the powerful capabilities of modern LLMs, but also a superior security and customisation infrastructure.

Is the AI Hub only compatible with certain types of Large Language Models?

No, the AI Hub is LLM agnostic. This means that you can use the Large Language Model of your choice, including locally hosted open source models.

Can I really tailor the AI Hub to my specific needs?

Absolutely. The AI Hub is fully configurable and offers a wide range of plug-ins and AI agents that can be developed specifically for your business needs.

How secure is my data with the AI Hub?

Your data is hosted in your own private Azure cloud and is securely protected by our comprehensive data protection features. Unlike other generative AI tools, you retain full control of your data.

What does the AI Hub cost?

In addition to one-off development costs for your individual AI agents, the AI Hub offers an attractive token-based billing model where you only pay for what you use.

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